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When you ask someone what their least favorite type of animal is, you have a pretty high chance of the answer being snakes. Most people dislike snakes. While there is some legitimate reasoning for this dislike, snakes are very misunderstood creatures. They are typically not dangerous and stay away from humans, but if they move into or close to your home they can quickly become a problem for you and your family.

Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) Cherokee County Georgia

According to a 2012, Georgia has around 15 snakes per square mile and therefore has the highest average area concentration in the United States. While this statistic may seem disturbing and cause you to look for snakes every time you go out, there really is little need for worry.

Of the 41 species of snakes in Georgia, only 6 are poisonous. Another important fact to remember is that snakes are very shy creatures and avoid contact with humans when possible. Most human encounters with snakes occur in the woods or other secluded areas. Snakes often hide under rocks or any dark or secluded area. Like most reptiles, snakes are cold blooded cold blooded and therefore have to lay in the sun to warm their bodies. Unwary hikers or joggers can accidentally pass over a snake while it is sunning if they do not pay attention.

Most bites, however, occur when a person puts their hand into a dark area that they cannot see and accidentally grabs the snake. Since snakes are not inherently aggressive towards humans, they only bite when threatened. Snakes will hunt smaller reptiles, birds, amphibians, and small mammals. Venomous snakes will bite and use venom to paralyze their prey and then consume them. Nonvenomous snakes will use constriction to suffocate their prey and then consume it whole.

While typically snakes remain far from people, sometimes they will move close to your home looking for prey or for a den to hibernate in during the winter. Snakes are known to hide inside of piles of leaves and other debris. They also will hide in tree trunks or in dark corners in and around your home. Because of this, the best method for dealing with snakes is to remove any potential habitats for them by cleaning up piles of debris and sealing secluded openings into your home.

Often the snakes will enter your home due to its warmth and will either get stuck or hibernate there. Always be wary if you think you have a snake infestation, because even nonvenomous snakes have a painful bite.

Most venomous snakes in North America are pit vipers, and they have distinctive physical features that set them apart from nonvenomous snakes. While nonvenomous snakes often have rounded, more narrow heads, pit vipers have triangle shaped heads with distinctive “pits” or nostrils in the middle of them. However, even if you think that a snake is nonvenomous, you should avoid approaching it if possible.

If a snake is inside of your home, you should contact a wildlife technician to deal with it. Dealing with snakes can be dangerous, and is best left to the professionals for your own personal safety.

Here at Canton Termite and Pest Control, we have years of experience with snakes. Our wildlife division is equipped and always ready to deal with any problems you may have with snakes or any other animals. Winter is fast approaching so now is a good time to make sure your house is properly sealed to prevent snake infestation. Call or text us today at 770-479-1598!

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