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Raccoon RemovalRaccoon-If you’re reading this article, most likely you have raccoon problems in and around your home. Raccoons are nature’s thieves. They are extremely curious and have an unfortunate habit of knocking over trash cans and destroying gardens.

As they are around the size of a small dog, they are difficult to catch and are known to sometimes carry rabies. Rabies can be carried in saliva and can be transferred through bites.

A raccoon near to your home can be a risk to your pets. While there is a vaccine for rabies, it is still dangerous. Raccoons are extremely versatile creatures, and are as much at home in urban environments as they are in wooded areas.

They can also be very difficult to remove from areas due to their desire to form dens which they will return to if they are not moved far enough away. They typically are found near homes when they are seeking food, or if they have a den nearby.

They are nocturnal, which makes them difficult to catch when they are hunting for food around your home. Unlike many other animals, Raccoons thrive in urban environments, where easy food sources are available to them.

While raccoons rarely infest homes in large numbers, many times the same raccoon will remain around your home for long periods of time if it finds an easy food source provided to it. I once received a call from a customer who had discovered that a raccoon had been getting into her house through her cat door. The raccoon had been eating her cat’s food and it had to be captured and relocated before it finally stopped getting into her home.


Racoon controlEfforts to hide food from them such as stronger trash cans and other preventative measures are not always sufficient to get rid of the raccoon. They have been known to get into homes through cat flaps and sometimes even attack smaller pets such as cats or small dogs.

While raccoons are not inherently dangerous to people, they are a risk to your pets and to themselves when they wander into urban areas, and without professional help, it can be difficult to remove a raccoon without harming it.

At Canton Termite and Pest Control, we are extremely experienced in dealing with raccoons using efficient and humane methods. We often capture any raccoons that have gotten too close to urban environments and re-release them in wooded areas, away from human contact.

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